Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Taps AMV for Video Streaming

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) has purchased seven InsightRT1 units from All Mobile Video (AMV) to supplement the situational awareness supplied by the Bureau’s drone program. The AMV InsightRT1 encoder securely streams video signals from drones, over any internet connection.  

OBN is a state law enforcement and regulatory agency that targets drug trafficking, money laundering, and human trafficking organizations; as well as regulates medical registrants. 

The most reliable drone video streaming service 

Matt Varney is the Agent In Charge (AIC) of the Office of Professional Standards. AIC Varney created and manages the Bureau’s drone program, which is designed to support pre-operational planning, and provide situational awareness to law enforcement officials engaged in covert and overt operations. According to AIC Varney, AMV provided the most reliable solution for video streaming. His team evaluated two other systems before choosing the AMV InsightRT1 encoder.

“Latency was the real issue,” explained AIC Varney. “The AMV box was the only one that could reliably deliver sub-second latency when we conducted operations. That, along with the ability to securely stream to iOS and PC devices across the state, significantly enhanced our capabilities for situational awareness.”

Ease-of-use was critical

AIC Varney also cited the system’s ease-of-use as a key factor.  “In law enforcement, it is important to keep it simple,” said AIC Varney.  “The intuitiveness of the box is worth its weight in gold.” He explained that it is very simple to set up and that it was easy to get everyone trained and operating the system quickly.  

Now, with the AMV system in place, agents have real-time situational awareness as they undertake both overt and covert operations. AIC Varney explained that the real-time drone video delivered through the AMV system provides agents more effective actionable intelligence for operations, which in turn enhances public safety.  

The ability to get the system up and running and the accessibility of AMV staff has been a critical component of the successful launch.  “The customer service is amazing,” said AIC Varney. “Many vendors provide a number, but you may or may not get a person when you call.  With AMV, there’s always a person on the other end of the line and they are always able to help.” 

The Bureau is excited about its new video capabilities and pleased that the AMV system has so quickly enhanced their operations with improved situational awareness across the state. Improving public safety is a critical part of the agency’s mission, and as AIC Varney explains, “You can’t put a price on that.”