Natural disasters, accident scenes, SWAT scenarios and other emergency situations require immediate visibility in order to act. Developed with input from first responders, the AMVision solution makes it easy to power on the unit and begin accessing real-time video in less than one second.


Line inspections in the energy industry and tower assessments in the mobile communications sector require good, real-time visual data, both after disasters to inspect damaged property and equipment, and as part of routine preventive maintenance to avoid accidents and downtime in the future. AMVision’s products, services, and private network provide access to up to 10 live video streams in multiple locations simultaneously.


While telematics systems and dashboard cams are making it easier for transportation providers to monitor driving habits and improve safety, latency has traditionally been an issue. With AMVision’s solution, transporation providers can access real-time video from dashboard cams when they receive hard braking alerts, or other incident reports from telematics systems, improving safety and security for drivers and the public at large.