InsightRT2 Encoder

The InsightRT2 is our next-generation encoder. It is a smaller, lighter version of the established InsightRT1, which is already delivering value to public safety professionals around the U.S.

The AMV Public Safety product portfolio is designed to support situational awareness via real-time video streaming. The InsightRT2 encoder streams video signals from UAVs via AMV’s secure datacenters, delivering low-latency live video on demand.


Benefits and capabilities include:

  • Guaranteed uptime of 99 percent via fully redundant infrastructure
  • Simple command center login
  • Access to live video streams for up to 10 users simultaneously in multiple locations
  • Dedicated, secure URL for viewing streams via internet browser on any device of choice
  • Uptime and transmission through battery changes
  • 24/7 coverage and support
  • Affordable terms for departments and companies of any size